The Shape of Things


Anthenaem Studio 2, Chicago, IL

Directed by Katie Siegal
Lighting and Projection Design by Pat Ivens
Sound Design by Robert Hornbostel


Social Media Superstructure – Smash Cuts of Mashups

To move this classic 90s show forward into 2015, We employed the use of projections and music to simulate media commonly found on sites like Youtube and Tumblr, as well as utilizing social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat for each of our characters. This provided the audience with modern references to the issue of privacy addressed in this show, and the modern touch current social media has added to all of our lives. To complement this, All of my transition music was pulled from mashups from youtube, re-edited to fit each scene’s mood, while keeping a start middle and end. Keeping the show as one large playlist, here are a few of my favorite selections. 

Into Scene 1 – Shake it Off/Can’t Stop


Into Scene 2 – Fell in Love


Into Scene 5 – Ain’t No Other Sax


Into Scene 6 – Can’t Feel My Face 


Wall of Trolling

For the ending of the show, we chose to give the audience an earful of Youtube comments, building in both intensity and vulgarity, to show the sort of backlash that we often find in the open forum of the internet. This slew of voices builds to a deafening volume before cutting out entirely, showing the overwhelming feeling Adam experiences, with his dirty laundry exposed and thrown all across the web. 



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