Directed by Jeff Christian
Lighting Design by Julie Mack
Costume and Puppet Design by Emily McConnell
Scenic Design by Michael Lasswell
Sound Design and Composition by Robert Hornbostel

Music – “I Spy meets Apex Twin”

Really leaning into the sparatic nature of Lasswell’s design, The Music for this show was shaped to be a cross between I Spy and Apex Twin, or “a box of synths falling down a flight of stairs.” The world of Middletown was focused on the distance and disconnect between individuals within the town. No one really knows, or cares, about the actions of anyone else in their community. It was important to create quick, disjointed, yet connected pieces, to sculpt each of these 20 scenes within both acts. Here is a selection of some of these pieces. 


A1 S2


A1 S4


A1 S6


A2 S1


A2 S4


A2 S6



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