Fly Honey Show X

The Allen Theater, @ The Den Theater – Chicago, IL  

Directed By Erin Kilmurry

Scenic Design by Elenor Kahn

Lighting Design by Heather Sparling

Music Orchestration by John Circa

Mashup Composition by Mikhail Fiksel 

Sound Design by Robert Hornbostel  



Everybody, No Matter What Your Body. 

Part Cabaret, Part Burlesque, Part Rap Concert, Big Band Jazz, Poetry, Spoken Word, Comedy, Standup, Dance Extravaganza – There’s something for everyone at the Fly Honey Show.

FHSX Offers up a wide variety of fierce talent from all edges of Chicago and beyond, creating a welcoming and beautiful environment to celebrate everybody, no matter what your body. The FHS9 Challenges social constructs of beauty and sexuality, promoting non-binary, femme, and trans forward art through Dance, Performance, and Music. Working with over 300 artists over 5 weekends, FHS9 is the hottest late night event in Chicago, and promoting inclusion and support to all.   


Honey, is Hard Work. 

With over 24 different acts, 4 of which change weekly, and 1 of which changes NIGHTLY, System design for the Fly Honey Show proved to be quite the challenge. Our rig this year is almost entirely JTR speakers, tee’d up with the absolutely building shaking JTR Captivator 218Pro subwoofers, We are able to deliver crystal clear vocals, hard hitting sub bass lines, and everything in between. As our Host always says, “Honey, is Hard Work. But, it is Work we are Born for.”