Theater Wit – Theater #3 – Chicago, IL
Written by Brendan Stallings
Directed by Jillian Mueller
Lighting Design by Cat WIlson
Scenic Design by Evan Frank
Costume Design by Billy Morey and Kate Setzer-Kamphausen
Co-Sound Design and Composition by Robert Hornbostel
Co-Sound Design by LJ Luthringer

A Choose Your Own Adventure Sci-fi Combat Comedy

Fantastic right? A unique mashup for sure, Engage! combines a few of our favorite styles into this one of a kind, different every night, action packed comedy nerd hour. At the start of the show, our 4th dimensional narrator, Y, selects an audience member to help our daring heroes navigate their way through the galaxy, and to stop an evil villain from vaporizing them all. This audience member, through die rolls, character selection, and character naming shapes the world of Engage! each night, with a total of 288 possible permutations. How do we keep up with that?

With possibly the hardest working, longest, and strangest Qlab 3 Programming I have ever encountered. Totaling in at 1,645 lines in Qlab, using only the built in logic of the program, we are able to select in real time, the path that our operator must navigate. With a few choice keystrokes (selecting which die roll was rolled, where characters are sent, and a few other options) the operator is able to flow through the show as if it were all one straight stack, rather than the tediousness of traditional chose your own adventure (think old school flipping pages). Truly a sight to behold, and harnessing the power of Figure 53’s stunning program.

ENGAGE! – Flow Chart



For Engage!, I felt it was important to combine both traditional combat music with high tech, sci-fi based elements found throughout the other design elements. for this, I blended a lot of similar and complimentary elements, while giving each of our characters (Space Monk, Android, Alien, and Smuggler) their own style for combat, while keeping a cohesive flavor to the show. Here are a selection of the fights.

Android V Villain

Alien V Smuggler and Monk

Space Monk V Android and Alien



Bleeps, Bloops, and Sci-Fi Sounds

What production would be complete without these sorts of odds and ends? Here are a few of my favorites.

Engage! The Intro Music

Engage! Y’s Intro

Engage! Player Select

Engage! 4th Dimensional ReLoop

Engage! The Outro Music


ver_7072 ver_6310 ver_6790 ver_6831