Written and Produced by Dennis Elkins

Original Music and Sound Design by Robert Hornbostel


World Premiere 3/8 in Savannah, GA @ The Odd Lot Loft on Liberty



We Start with Dennis entering the stage, quickly discovering that he is missing something – The Box. He quickly exits and returns with the box, and proceeds to “drive” himself around the stage, wearing the box. Simple and wandering, this music kicks off our show, ending with Dennis’ first address to the audience.




Red, Blue, Green

These colors play an Important roll in our show, as they are the colors of organization, order, and compartmentalization, as we pack and move from location to location in our lives.




The First, Most Traumatic Moment of My Adult Life

Hark! Don’t you just love that word? These tones shape the moments in our story as we follow Dennis from a His Mother’s Death, His Son Issac’s Overdose, Coming out of the closet, and Leaving Accademia.




Fairytale Music

Dennis tells a story of Issac as a child, the little boy who only wanted a small, bruised pear. Told as a fairytale, we see Issac in a pure and intimate way, frozen in time as a little boy.




End of Show

Dennis returns to his box, and drives off into his next adventure.