The Glass Protege

Glass Protege 8 

American Premiere! Giant Cherry Productions, in association with Glitterati Productions, @ Theatre Wit, Chicago IL


Written by Dylan Costello
Directed by John Nasca
Asst Director and Photographer Katie Siegel
Scenic Design by Tianyu Qiu
Costume Design by John Nasca
Lighting Design by Scott Pilsbury
Sound Design by Robert Hornbostel

Winner of The 2015 Best Sound Design Non-Equity! 

Windy City Times Review 

“…assisted by Robert Hornbostel’s museum-accurate score of incidental music displaying just the right amount of schmaltz to bring us to the happy ending demanded of movies in an age of illusion forged from the blood and tears of those charged with its preservation.”



The Playwright Dylan puts a large emphasis on the transitioning between the real world of 1989 Hollywood and Pat’s memory of 1949, writing in several options of songs that were classics in the 40s, reimagined by pop bands in the 80s. These suggestions were altered with the Playwright’s approval, to match what i felt fit each scene’s mood better. I really wanted to capture the lush nature of the original song, while transitioning seamlessly into the 80s version, while honoring the AM radio tambour of these tracks. The end result allowed for a large feeling transition that scaled from the main PA system into a small radio on Pat’s bedside. here are a few of these tracks.


Mr Sandman (Into Scene 1)

 Mr Sandman Reprise (Into Scene 2) 


Swing On A Star



Under My Skin





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