The Big, The Trouble, and The Little China


The Royal George Blackbox Space, Chicago, IL


Directed and Adapted by Megan Dennis
Lighting Design by Claire Chazan
Scenic Design by Tristan James
Sound Design by Robert Hornbostel
Original Composition by Robert Hornbostel, Joe White (guitar),
Lauren Tillman (mandolin) and Jeff Benning (guitar)




Opening Bar Scene

This Clip gives a rough idea for the tone of the entire show, mixing the familiar tune from the Movie’s theme titled “Pork Chop Express,” while incorporating the tambour and feel of the west that we aim to provide. This Theme and variation of this specific piece express the nature of the rest of the music of this production; blending the 80s rock feel of the original work with the added benefit of imploring traditional western tendencies as found within the musicality of this selection. 



Mao Yin and The Train Gang

This sequence blends together a few shots from the movie, tying in the capture of Mao Yin at the airport (now stagecoach station), the chase through Chinatown in Jack’s truck, the showdown in the alleyway, and the arrival of the Three Storms. In an attempt to streamline these shots, we see the Storms capture Mao Yin, fight Jack (who immediately is knocked out) and subsequently fight Wang before using their powers to blind them both and escape. 



Henchwomen Fight

There are many fights within this show that involve Jack and Wang fighting off either the storms or a pair of henchwomen that are employed by Mr Lo Pan. This is a single excerpt from the 6 fights that they go through throughout the production. 



Guardian and Lo Pan Showdown

The Guardian, what it sees, Lo Pan knows. Here we see the discovery and eventual death of our eyeball friend as our Heros ingest the serum that will allow them to defeat Lo Pan. We then travel to Lo Pan’s ceremony, in which we hear Lo Pan and Ed Shen showdown in a dragon-ball-z esque magic battle. 



Final Standoff (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly)

Here we see Wang, Jack, and Rain in a standoff similar to that from The Good The Bad and The Ugly. The nature of this standoff is taken to a comical end, taking the audience with it far longer than anticipated, until it is suddenly haulted by the wild antics of our friend (and drunk) Margo, who disposes of Rain as if by accident. This sequence is an almost dead rip off from GBU. 



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