She Kills Monsters


Directed by Kyle Haden
Lighting Design by Julie Mack
Costume and Puppet Design by Emily McConnell
Scenic Design by Michael Lasswell
Sound Design by Robert Hornbostel


The World: A 90s mesh of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and D&D magic

My favorite way to describe this show. Pulling substantially from the era of its writer, She Kills Monsters allows for an excellent blend of 90s music ranging from Top Hits to cult classics, west coast grunge, east coast rap, and everything in between. Though many songs are called for in the show, ranging from “Mamma Said Knock You Out” to “Loser”, the writer still leaves a good amount of room to spin your own soundtrack. Specifically for our purposes, we were interested in creating a divide between the leading sisters, Tilly and Agnes. Tilly specific moments tended to be darker, grunge and rock classics like “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “When I come Around”, and “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”, whereas Agnes tended to follow mainstream hits; “This is How We Do It”, and “I’ve Got the Power”.

In addition to its excellent soundtrack, She Kills Monsters allows for a huge supply of augmented audible cues and zingers, similar to Scott Pilgrim. These, combined with both the fantastical reality of in depth environments and hard hitting boss fight music, allowed for a Sound Designer’s playground. Here are a selection of specifically fun moments.



Opening: In A Distant Land…

Pulling from The Lord of the Rings, the first scene opens up on a hooded figure giving us an introduction to the world of Athens, OH. Here we learn of the tragic accident claiming the life of our brave Tillius the Palidin through a puppet show. This is a brief glimpse into the the music of this epic opening and the transition down to meeting Chuck aka DM Biggs.



Boss Fight #1 & #2

Because it wouldn’t be D&D without a good Boss Fight. Pulling from memories of WWF, Boss Fights are introduced by our DM Biggs (Chuck) in a cage-match introduction style. Stark white light shift meets scanning spot lights and a hard hitting speaker system to throw Agnes (and the Audience) off balance.



Attack of The Bug Bears

Bug Bears “Neither bugs, nor bears” are the first set of monsters that Agnes the Asshatted and her party face. Dragging the audience from the real world of Athens to the D&D world of Newlandia, we see Agnes Take on these Bug Bears with the help of TIllius and thus the true begining of the tale starts. This piece was inspired by my childhood playing classics like Q*bert, Final Fantasy 7, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

This sampling includes, in order, The world stopping, the Bug Bears Attack, Tillius fights back, Heals Agnes, Bug Bears Death, and Level Up.


Farrah the Fairy

As Agnes The Asshatted and her party venture on their quest for the Lost Soul of Athens, they stumble upon a magical forest where they meet Farrah the Fairy, who eventually becomes Boss Fight #1. Farrah appears as a cross between a cute, D&D staple ideal of a fairy and a cool-kid rocker of the era, who will totally kick your ass.
In this selection we hear Farrah’s initial entrance to No Rain, but her switch to badass is very apparent when she pulls out nunchucks and fights our heroes to Bullet with Butterfly Wings. Tilly eventually turns the tables by casting Magic Missile, and the explosion that follows marks the defeat of Boss #1.