DOTS! (Dancing On The Spot) @ Hamlin Park, Chicago, IL


Choreographed by Emma Brayndick
Sound Design and Composition by Robert Hornbostel 


 An Overview

This piece was a collaborative devised work between myself and the 9 dancers of the piece, consisting of original poetry and stories, written and told by each of the dancers. The title, Murmuration, refers to the flocking of birds, and the shared community of their movement throughout migration. For this, we chose to look at the groupings and relationships that we form with others via our view of the world, and the way we hope others view us. With 20 specific yet connected vignette stories, we see questions posed, questions answered, and relationships improvised to the different tales from each Dancer’s memories. This was especially interesting for my work, as I was enabled to play with whatever toys I wanted; to create extensive environments that were broken up by exciting percussive single effects.


Piece #5


Piece #18

Piece # 10

Piece # 5


Piece #7

Piece #15

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