Lost and Found

Lost and Found 9

On The Spot Theatre, @ Berger Park Field House, Chicago IL


Written and Directed by Michael Brayndick
Scenic Design by Eric Luchen
Lighting Design by Pat Henderson
Sound Design and Original Composition by Robert Hornbostel


Main Theme / Prologue

This piece is the Main theme of the entire production, from which all other variations draw from. I wanted to specifically capture the excitement, nervousness, and chaos of each couple in the production, before they are changed by their individual trek to the park in which they intersect. I was drawn to the guitar as the core instrument for its flexibility in pitch, tambour, and volume, allowing for easy expression of any transition between the show’s 32 scenes. Below I show some examples of the different variations on this Main Theme.


Intermission Reprise

This Piece was designed to follow the end of Act One, which is dropped into the minor key associated with the original theme, as well as incorporating a variation in sequence while maintaining a recognizable pattern. 


Blues Guitar 1

This selection was used to bring in and out scenes specifically with the farcical nature; the intertwining stories of Walter and Carol and Edward and Priscilla, a pair of couples opposite in almost every way. This section was very upbeat and light, as we externally watch their story unfold.


Blues and Bass 2

This piece was an excerpt of Love is Blind, Danny and Sal, the tale of 2 unexpected people meeting in the park. Their story takes an interesting story when Sal is blinded by Danny’s pepper spray, and he is rushed to the hospital. This path sees the two of them come to terms with their own fears and insecurities, while finding comfort in eachother after their nervous interactions.



Electrik 1

This selection depicts Alex and Adim, a gay couple overcoming their own doubts about their future, while accepting their seperate pasts.  We see Alex and Adin on a search to return a camera bag to Kora, a women Adin meets in the park. I wanted these pieces to feel like a cross between an underground coffee shop show and a modern apartment in the big city.




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