King Lear


Apprentice / Intern Project for the Great River Shakespeare Festival 2011

Directed by Rick Barbour
Set Design by Hilary 
Costume Design by Zach Wagner 
Lighting Design by Alberto Ruiz
Sound Design by Robert Hornbostel 


Mixdown of Design 

For this production, we chose to really focus on the unstable state of Lear and how he perceived the relationships around him. We utilized 3 actors to portray Lear at different moments throughout the show, all moving in the same general motion, while one took the lead for a given scene. We had a very minimal budget which allowed us to focus on the action of the show, really getting inside the minds of the characters, reigning in on a very specific story to tell. I chose to blend the elements of reality and Lear’s mind together at specific moments to show the conflict he is facing. It was important to have a main theme for Lear and his daughter, Cordelia, that constantly plays its way into other elements of the story. This mixdown includes the preshow ambience, Cordelia’s melody, the storm, and the brothers’ fight. This was a tremendous experience to be a part of and I strongly endorse the Great River Shakespeare Festival’s Apprentice / Intern Program.




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