Happy Days


Theatre Y, Chicago IL

Directed by András Visky
Scenic Design by Péter Szabó 
Master of Electronics – Robert Hornbostel


The Mound

For this production, Andras and Peter had wanted to submerge Winnie in a pile of working, yet broken, screens and technology, rather than the traditional dirt mound. This meant there was a lot of scavenging throughout the city for unwanted monitors, TVs, printers, computer towers, etc. In total I was able to obtain 11 working screens that were used in the production. Running off of 2 source feeds, these screens projected various digital signals to give off the sort of blue/green glow of a computer screen late at night, something the director was very interested in using. 


The Projections

We had a total of 3 projectors, 2 on motorized stands, that allowed us to create the sweeping gesture of both old technology and the vast space of the Chicago skyline. These projectors were mounted on small platforms on the far walls of the house, and road atop small display tables, that when powered would spin the projector to its next location. This model allowed for precise projector movement on an almost non-existant budget. 


Mentions in Reviews!

“In addition to the design of the set, I feel that the Master Electrician (Robert Hornbostel) deserves recognition for this set in particular. A lot of thought goes into a design like this, especially with still working monitors.”



Technical director Sarah Jane Rennick, scenic artist Erin Ohland, and master electrician Robert Hornbostel must receive credit for executing Mr. Szabo’s ambitious technical designs…”



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