Julius Ceasar

Caesar 3

Wilson Theatre @ Illinois State University, Normal IL

Directed by Chris Dea
Scenic Design by Jake Wasson 
Costume Design by Amy Cain
Lighting Design by Mark Maruschak
Sound Design and Original Music by Robert Hornbostel



Julius Caesar Design Mixdown 

Set in the near future, the focus of this show was on the power struggle between Caesar and Marc Anthony and the traitor Brutus and the public who assassinate Caesar. After the assassination, Brutus is charged with leading the masses to a greater tomorrow, until public opinion is swayed by Anthony into full out war. Propaganda and mixed truths turn this cold, corporate world turns into a warzone, which surrounds the audience as forces shell the building, in an attempt to bring justice, for one side or the other. This design utilized an 8-channel breakout of fullrange speakers to deliver heavy hitting, directional explosions to really bring the audience onto the battlefield. The Mixdown features Caesar’s fanfare, preshow festivities ending in a speech and flyover, Caesar’s Death, the masses uprising, propaganda, and the war. 


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