About Me

Robert Hornbostel is a sound designer, audio/visual technician, and theatrical technical hacker based out of Chicago, IL. 

Robert specializes in creating immersive and detail oriented Sound Design, in reaction to his surroundings, representative of the world and scope of a given production. Sound Design is more than Doorbells and Dog barks, it is a chance to connect an audience to a world unseen; from a fundamental level of involvement in the storytelling of a piece. Robert strives to work with interesting people in a collaborative sense to tell unique and specific story that effects the audience on a deep level of understanding. 


Current Works!

The Lost Books of the Odyssey – Make Believe Association – September 2018

box. – Dennis Elkins – March 2018 – Now In Pagosa Springs, CO!

Meanwhile… – Otherworld Theater Company – September 2018

EndevorMind – The Plagerists – September 2018 

Gypsy – Porchlight Music Theater – October 2018

The Christians – Cardinal Stage Company – October 2018



Upcoming Productions

Wife Material – Underscore Theater Company – November 2018

A Christmas Carol – Thingamajig Theater Company – December 2018

Evil Dead – Black Button Eyes Productions – January 2019

A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder – Porchlight Music Theater – January 2019

A Chorus Line – Porchlight Music Theater – April 2019





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Contact me!

E-Mail Me! @ rjhornb@gmail.com

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