A Fle in Her Ear


Center for the Performing Arts @ Illinois State University, Normal IL


Directed by Don Lacasse

Scenic Design by Eric Mozlow

Costume Design by Sandy Childers

Lighting Design by Grace Maeberg

Sound Design by Robert Hornbostel



Design Mixdown 

A Flea in Her Ear is a classic french farce from the turn of the 20th century that involves love, misscomunication, mistaken identity, high tempers, short fuses, guns, liquor, misstresses and a rotating bed. For this show i chose music from the earlier portion of the time period for the uptight, family oriented, do gooder family, and more risque music from the 1920s for the saussy middle act at the hotel coc’dor. The can-can was used during the slap-stick, door slamming ending to A II and in a mechanical fashion during the bed rotation. 





FleaInHerEar_Fall11_314 FleaInHerEar_Fall11_296 FleaInHerEar_Fall11_177  FleaInHerEar_Fall11_126 FleaInHerEar_Fall11_101 FleaInHerEar_Fall11_030